Expensive vs. Budget-friendly beauty…does it always have to cost so much to look good? No, it doesn’t…
I’m always on the hunt for budget-friendly beauty finds, that will stand up to the pricey versions.


Beauty is everywhere, all we have to do is look around us. I’m inspired by nature, the sound of birds, the color of their feathers, the grace of their flight as their wings are stretched out (blue-winged eyeliner) As I drive into the city, I look at all the colors how they blend into one another, from the arched steely gray “George Washington Bridge” to silver sleek buildings, (I think of shimmery soft silver shadow swept onto the lid, and dark gray liner smudged into the lash line. I see inspiration everywhere I go.

Below are some of my go-to products I use on set vs. what I use in real life. I love to try new products on my clients. It’s all about texture, color, and longevity, under hot lights.


Before I indulge in coffee or tea, I chug a glass of water from my “Brita” water bottle. I always have essential oils on hand, these are my favorite and are very affordable. I purchased them at Whole Foods. As for my own beauty routine, I keep it simple and quick.

I save my big budget for the more luxurious products on my clients. For myself, I like to pinch pennies, so I’m constantly looking for products that are comparable to the more expensive brands.

Below are a few of my favorites that rival some of the pricier products.

I have dry eyes and wear contacts (Thyroid), these drops keep my contacts soft, wearable and it doesn’t sting.

First thing, I apply is “Drunk Elephant” or “Neutrogena”. Next, I apply “Roc Multi Correxion” 5 in 1 daily moisturizer with sunscreen”. It’s the only one that doesn’t break me out. Yes, I still breakout like a teenager, and If I don’t wear sunscreen I get dark patches on my face. Sometimes, I Apply “RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream” (It doesn’t make me puffy) Did I mention I have allergies…

My routine, it’s fast, simple and most of the products do double duty. I start with eyes and curl my lashes, sweep the bronzer across my eyes, smudge the chubby pencil around the lash line and blend with finger.

I like to blur the pencil, so it’s not a perfect line. Then I apply mascara, ”UNLIMITED, by “L’OREAL” I have few favorites Next, I apply “Elf Multi-Stick” on lips and cheeks, or “Color Blur” by Maybelline on both lips and cheeks. Finally, I apply  Lancome Dual Finish Powder Foundation. It stays put, and doesn’t make my skin look dry.

Here are a few of my favorite bronzer’s. I personally use the “e.l.f.” Bronzer in “Golden” it doubles as a bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter.


Okay, here is my pet peeve, my brows, or lack of! It started in 1st grade, I shaved off my right brow. The next day, school pictures, and of course my Mom was not pleased. In my twenties, I had very full and highly arched brows. Miss those brows!!!

Now, my brows are very sparse, so are my lashes. This happened very early on, due to Thyroid condition, I still have my “Thyroid”, so I feel very lucky, and take thyroid meds to keep it in check. I’m grateful, I was able to get it under control.

No biggie, Right! That’s why we have brow pencils, powder, and microblading. I test out different brow and mascara products all the time.

So far, I’m loving the “Revlon’ Color Stay, brow pencil.

I’m a lazy girl, I will admit it at the end of the night I just want to take it all off.

I use “Cetaphil”, Daily Facial Cleanser or “Drunk Elephant” Jelly Cleanser and black washcloths to remove stubborn

Stubborn waterproof mascara, I cleanse with a homemade recipe. Coconut Oil, mixed with “100% Virgin Coconut Oil Baby Wash &Shampoo, “Shea Moisture w/Sweet Pea & Murmur” (any kind of tear-free baby wash will work) It’s very gentle, smells delicious and double as a body wash.

Shampoo + Hair

What I love about “Pantene“ they have great hair products for all hair types.

Shower with “Tea Tree Tingle” body wash. (It doubles as a shampoo) I only use it on as body wash (color-treated hair). My husband will use this as both body wash and shampoo. Slather on “Coconut Body Butter” it feels so luxurious.

I usually shampoo my hair 3-4x a week, I have tried all the fancy shampoos, I always go back to “Pantene”, feels clean, keeps my color fresh, and gives me VOLUME, ( did mention I’m a Texas girl, we like our big hair) If I need a bit of hair spray, I always go back to L’Oreal Paris Elnett” hairspray, feels clean and is easy to brush out.

Here a few other favorites of mine. I keep breath spray in purse at all times. I’m very close to my clients.

Always keep hand cream in my purse, constantly washing my hands or using sanitizer. My hands are so dry I could perform microdermabrasion on any face. My hands are not elegant looking, I have large hands for such a petite person, they are rough, dry, and very strong, and they allow me to create beautiful art. I have working hands, “I Love my man hands”.

(you will need two small glass bowls, spoon, and tongs)

Coconut Oil (put in a glass bowl and melt) for just a few seconds, USE CAUTION HOT, once liquified add “Baby Wash & Shampoo”.

In another bowl put Cotton Rounds in a bowl and pour over. Once cotton rounds harden and cool down, add to your own container. (Rounds become soft and liquified as you use them on your eye, face)
Cotton Rounds are 100% cotton, black washcloths are perfect for removing mascara and very easy to clean.

Wash clothes are %100 cotton and my recycled empty “CBB” jar.

*Shea Moisture, 100% Virgin Coconut oil BABY Wash & Shampoo w/Sweet Pea & Murumuru (has a delicate scent).
I usually don’t like anything fragrant, this is soft and beautiful.
*Hydrates, great for delicate skin,
*Can be used as Body Wash, Shampoo

What are your favorite go-to products?

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