“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”
~Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

The phrase “Jack of all trades” infers that an individual doesn’t just have to learn one thing?  That we can journey through different skills and various levels of knowledge and can have an “all-knowing” ability.  Not sure I have quite gained an “all-knowing” skill set but I do have a resume of life knowledge that fortunately has not soured me on life.  My intent for this blog will be to share the different lessons I have learned and the knowledge gained by years of daily living through my own experiences and perspectives of simply aging in today’s world and hopefully pass that on to you?

I probably should give you some insight about me.  So if I was going to post my profile on a dating site, it would read like this: “Single, never married, no children BUT I am a foster failure of SEVEN amazing dogs, work as a CFO for basically 16 hour days, I love football but due to a restraining order(which I perceive as more as a misunderstanding) I cannot actually go to any live games, I love to cook anything deep fried,  I believe chocolate is a food group, I love music and dancing, I love to read and I have turned hoarding of books into a decorating concept?”  I probably should tweak this profile some before I go live, or I will probably just attract Hannibal Lector?

I will be posting a story each week with the “Dear Diary” concept; geez, I already am showing my age, I meant “journaling.”  I have been blessed to find the humor or at least the lesson in the various obstacles or challenges of getting older in today’s society.  I was warned years ago that I would age, I mean it’s not like aging is an isolated incident or that the odds are minimal that it will not happen to everyone?  So, I am not quite clear how it became a complete shock to me when I started getting AARP newsletters in the mail?  I remember the day it arrived; how did they possibly get my name and when did they lower the age bracket?  They did not lower the age bracket, I just shifted to that bracket that no longer has a range.  You remember the 20 – 25, 25 – 30, 30 -35…then it becomes over 50?  There is no range, it’s just over 50.   As if they should not exert the energy of putting a range because what are the odds there is a number after 50, actually why should you care about life past 50?

This is where I come in; I had to stop lamenting because until that AARP newsletter came, I was unaware I was aging?  I was still preparing that I would eventually be drafted by the NFL, that I would hit puberty and my breasts would appear, and that I would never date anyone over 40?  Though I have come to the realization that the Dallas Cowboys will not draft me (which is why they have not gone back to the Superbowl), that I did hit puberty BUT at least my breasts will never go South or any other direction, and that I should reconsider the “not dating over 40 rule” unless I want to serve time – but the reality is I am still in the game of life and it will be what I make of it regardless of age.

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