When we think of aging, we automatically look at the effects on our body and face?  That is the “standard” we measure aging by…

The reality is all our bodies change BUT the “choice” we have is how we react to that change and the energy we put into our bodies.  That is concept I want to address.  It’s so interesting how we all understand how important it is to praise a child, or how animals respond to affection, or how plants flourish with sunlight and music.   But do we nurture that in ourselves, do you remember a time in your life that you did not critique your body?  When I look at photos of just 10 years ago, I am thinking how I would love to have my body look like that.   But 10 years ago, I was lamenting over photos of the prior 10 years of how I would love my body to look like that????

Body Loooove, it’s so important to “Body Self Love” – our body and mind responds to that energy.  Just like a kiss with a child, a belly rub with a pet or singing to your plants – that self-love is ultimately a reflection on our bodies and face and most importantly on our minds.

Yes, we are finally addressing the Body Love for every size, shape, and HEIGHT (yes, I’m vertically challenged) and it’s about time we love our bodies.  We have simple tools at our fingertips that we can use every day to appreciate our bodies so that as we age then our bodies appreciate vs. depreciate.

I can’t stress enough the importance of “Keep Moving”.   It’s always been important to exercise and eat well, but the reality is we have to keep moving so we can keep it well maintained throughout the rest of our lives.  If that means getting that parking space further from the front door, or walking in place watching Netflix, or walking to the mailbox in front of your home instead of pulling up with your car on the way home (yes, I have done that)??  This fascinating machine we call our body, needs proper nourishment, it needs to be well oiled, so it can continue to move and stay fluid.   As they say, you have to drive the car for it to run well, you can’t leave it in the garage and take it out for a spin now and then, eventually it will break down much quicker.

There are so many ways we can enjoy this journey together, it could be as simple as when you wake up, before you get out of bed smile and “give gratitude” for this wonderful machine we call our body.   I love to set intentions for the day, stretch while your still in bed or better yet get up and do yoga. Flexibility does wonders for your balance and your mind. Before you gulp that cup of coffee or slowly sip that cup of tea, start your day by drinking a glass of water.

If you are lucky enough to have gone through life without health challenges, you are one of the few.  But for some of us, we have had some challenges along the way, some much more than others.  Regardless of our circumstances, self-love and self-care ultimately is rewarded in our body and mind.

“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of our life.” –  Coco Chanel

I start my day off, by filling my Brita water bottle. I absolutely love this water bottle by, Brita. It was such a great purchase, I take it everywhere with me and I actually starting drinking more water. The best part about this bottle is, It’s BPA free, refillable and comes with a replaceable filter. I stopped using all those plastic bottles, and it’s easy to carry while I walk my Billie Jean. FYI- I used a 20% coupon at

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