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As we age we cultivate different types of friends along our journey through life. With each relationship we experience different levels of friendships, we have different experiences with each one, and times shared with each one is just as important. It can help shape our thinking and how we live our life.

But the one the one thing they have in common, they all have value, the value doesn’t change, we take those experiences with us through out or lives.

There are childhood friends, best friends, work Friends and casual friends. Friendships with woman and friendships with men and how they differ, most times their perspective will be very different.

Friends over the years that have influenced our decisions throughout our life. As will their advice be different as we grow and age together.

Friends are there with you to celebrate our life’s journey’, they help make our growing pains, a bit less painful.

They are there to celebrate our first love, our big crushes, our breakup’s and the bad makeup’s, that should’ve stayed a break up. Then for some of yes, they even go through a not so great Divorce along you, and the regret of breaking up with the guy that you broke up with before you met your ex-husband.

Even though they give you advice, they do all this even without saying I told you so, or at least they wait a few weeks before they do.

They are there for us when we get married to our other best friend, have children, or decide not to have children.

They support our crazy ideas of moving half way across the country, cry with us while we are packing and even take us to the airport. I cried so hard, I had snot coming out of nose, not a pretty sight.

Friends make our world that much richer, I’ve been so lucky to have a best friend I love so very much. I call her my sister, even though she had to adopt me, or she couldn’t get rid of me either way, I’m like the gum she couldn’t get off the bottom of her shoe.

These friendships have made me a better woman, they have influenced me as I glide through life. Even when we lose touch with some of our friends their guidance, love and support carry us.

“Friends are the siblings God never gave us”

I’d love to hear about your friends and how they have impacted your life.

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