Feed the soul and your belly.
I Tried home delivery meals and I LOVED IT!!!
Nourishing our bodies is key to maintaining energy throughout the day.

Ordering Out vs. Home Delivery vs going Out to Dinner.

Like most people I’ve had up and downs with food. I have food allergies and Sam can eat just about anything. I like to graze all day, and Sam has a big appetite at every meal time. When we dated we went through a phase where we went out to dinner all the time or ordered in. Then we went through the fast food phase, that didn’t last long.

The tricky part is we have very different schedules like most people do. We also have long hours and commuting to add to our day. We don’t have kids, but we have furry lil’ children to feed and walk once we arrive home. By the time I get this all done, I’m too tired to figure out what to cook. (BTW, my friends that tried HDM and have kids, love it)

I will admit I’m not the best cook, I never really enjoyed cooking. I have all these grandiose ideas when I go shopping, then when I get home I’m overwhelmed. The food goes bad before I can actually use everything. I don’t like waste!

THEN, I received a gift card to try Blue Apron, honestly it was one of the best gifts. I actually enjoyed cooking for the first time. I felt like I was doing my own cooking show, it was so easy and fun to cook.
It arrives perfectly packed, and the ingredients for each meal are all together. Ingredients like spices and herbs are already portioned, I enjoyed the chopping, slicing and dicing while the (chicken, fish cooks) When it was all done it tasted delicious and Sam said it was fantastic!

Tried Blue Apron and Freshly, next is Go Fresh, I will keep you updated on my favorite. So far Blue Apron is my option. We try to eat healthy in our household, however, we do allow ourselves to indulge.


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