What is my intention with this blog?

To help women embrace where they are in life and not think of AGING as a BAD WORD…

To facilitate Aging as a process into grace, strength, character and beauty with every passing birthday, that every decade is an ingredient into your future masterpiece.


In reality, aging never really bothered me, I had never given my age any thought. Actually, at my “surprise 50th birthday” I had to look up my birth certificate to confirm they got it right? I was further “surprised” when conversations had the tone that with “aging” my window was closing to try new things or “why bother” learning new skills or even worse, are you content with your life? As if I am a step away from being put out to pasture and be content that I am not made into glue?

This year I turned 52 and it was a turning point for me; I was so excited – it was going to be awesome! Right? I have never asked another woman how old they are, and if they told me their age, I didn’t give it any thought? The only reason I never mentioned it is because everyone else always seemed to have a problem with it? So, when a few of my good friends and a colleague finally asked me, “what birthday are you celebrating?” – you would’ve thought they were devastated, I wasn’t sure if it was for me or more for themselves? Believe it or not, my good friends were genuinely concerned?

Then there is the big question “are you upset?” How do you feel? Are you okay? Really? It’s not
leprosy? Or there is that person who makes a snide remark, gets a big thrill and walks around the office and texts everyone that you are older than they are and could possibly be their mom. It’s usually the most miserable person or the one who is just so terrified that they haven’t achieved what they think they should’ve by a certain age?

My perspective was that I was so excited to have another birthday, I mean, what would be the
alternative; not having another birthday? Anything can happen at a drop of a dime, no matter what your age is; I’ve been blessed to understand this at a very young age. I want to celebrate life for the blessing it was intended to be, that aging is a collaboration of all the threads of my experiences, and I want to continue to add to the beauty of life’s quilt.

I have an amazing life, I work with some of the most incredible, talented, and successful women of all ages. I have a true soulmate for a husband, a best friend/sister and to top it off an incredible circle of friends. These women are from all walks of life, every one of them with a different journey. I have friends in their 20’s that spans up through 90 years old. All beautiful by their own standards, they don’t stop dressing sexy, dancing the night away, working out, learning new skills, just because they are having another birthday or are a year older?

What all these women have in common is that they keep challenging themselves, mind and body and continue to keep growing. I am going to share these women’s stories, advice and experiences so that we can take those as guidance to enjoy our aging process. The women I admire haven’t let their age define them, they are smart and sexy as defined by their own rules. They keep working throughout their entire lives, both on their bodies and on their minds, it keeps their spirit forever young.

However, we feel about ourselves, the way we treat other people and the respect we give to others is a reflection on our face and on our bodies. I will continue to happily celebrate my birthday for as long as I can. I wish this for all the precious friends in my life, I wish this for you, and for all the women out there.

I love the philosophy that “the heart has no wrinkles” and so this blog begins my intent to share the journey and knowledge of “aging” as a beautiful word.

Game on.


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